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C. Fazio Artist

As an artist

I've chosen as a means of expression the use of film and traditional methods of photography. The process is straightforward, but the artistic interpretations are endless.

A collaboration and celebration of the creative process

When you collect my art you are helping to support a chain of people; Smith/Chamlee for the printing paper, and Ilford for their continued commitment to manufacturing film, and a portion of each sale going directly to the model.

I practice the principle of Abundance, there is enough to go around. Open your heart and share. No need to be greedy or be a hoarder of wealth, knowledge or love.

Limited Editions

All prints are on either Azo or Lodima silver chloride paper. Contact prints from 6 1/2" x 8 1/2" negatives will be limited to 10. Any other size will be limited to an edition of 5. Larger prints up to 20" x 24" are available. Prints are processed and toned with selenium and mounted to Bainbridge 2ply ArtCare Alpharag and over matted with the same material in 4ply.